We are pleased to announce the formation of Samuel Lamanite Editions, a book publisher dedicated to encouraging and publishing works for the LDS audience in Spanish and Portuguese. To meet our goals, Samuel Lamanite Editions is issuing a call for manuscripts that are written in either Spanish or Portuguese. With these manuscripts, Samuel Lamanite Editions hopes to publish two to four titles each year in these languages, and eventually translate the best of these works into English.

The growth of LDS Church membership among Spanish and Portuguese speakers means that these groups now account for more than 40% of Church membership. Yet the number of book titles that have been published in these languages to date is a fraction — less than hundred — of the estimated 25,000 to 40,000 Mormon titles published to date. This publishing program is an attempt to rectify this discrepancy, and encourage the growth of a Mormon culture among these growing groups of the worldwide Mormon population.